Below is the info about Youth Response for Social Change.


Youth Response Social Change (YRSC) is a Youth NGO registered in 2013 with the Registrar general and its registration number is TR/INC 5938. It is also registered with National Youth Council of Malawi, Council for Non-Governmental Organisation (CONGOMA) and NGO BOARD OF MALAWI.

It focuses on improving the lives of women, young people and adolescents through a functional community based system for identifying, preventing, making referrals and following up cases of poor governance, weak engagement between duty bearers and citizens, teenage pregnancy, child marriages, school drop outs and HIV.

This is done through the use of information hubs at community, district and National level which is a focal point for SRHR, Gender, and HIV and AIDS information and services access.

The organisation also runs gender clinics where boys and girls forced into marriage come to get psychosocial counseling and are referred to other service agencies when there is such need such as referred to victim support unit, social welfare office or health facility.

All our activities work towards empowering women, young people and adolescent with up-to-date information and the freedom to make their own choices regarding sexual health and behavior as a way to end poverty and spur sustainable development.

How we measure traction

YRSC uses scorecards, stakeholder reports, and annual reports as a tool to gather feedback. This feedback guides our program decisions. The reports summarize community adoption rate, suggestions and learning

YRSC has since 2010 been implementing a Community SRHR with Women and Young People project with support from Southern Africa AIDS Trust (SAT). The project’s Key Result Areas (KRAs) are Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Comprehensive Sexuality Knowledge (CSK). Under the CSK component, the project data-targetets adolescents to equip them with skills for making responsible choices about their sexual and social relationships.

From 2014 to 2017, YRSC successfully implemented a project called Promoting Inclusive Resource Allocations for HIV,and Sexual Reproductive Health in Machinga. It was supported by a grant from Tilitonse Fund. The project’s goal was Youth participation in monitoring provision of SRHR and family planning services in Nayuchi, Machinga. It was a governance and accountability project aimed at opening spaces for empowerment and effective participation of poor people in health service delivery and decision making processes.

Expected Results

The project had 2 expected results namely:

  • Strengthened capacity of local governance structures and CSOs in monitoring provision of SRHR using scorecard
  • Engagement of CBOs, Machinga District Council structures and communities to influence resource allocation for scaling up SRHR services
  • By the end of the project, capacity of the local governance structures and CSOs had increased. From a baseline of 8%, community satisfaction with the levels of service delivery from the targeted structures had increased to 93%. Among others, the structures were able to influence resource allocation and scaling up SRHR services in the district. The project also contributed to improved democratic governance and spaces for participation for women and marginalized groups.

    The projects mentioned above that have been successfully implemented with funding from various partners who can attest to the capability of YRSC to coordinate the project.

    YRSC is implementing a project aimed at increasing the Machinga District health budget in the 2019/2020 budget and reduce stock outs of reproductive health supplies, with addition focus on delivering sexual and reproductive health services to young people. The project is funded by Population Action International- PAI.