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Our Values

Welcome to YRSC. Discover how we actively engage with and support our community to empower individuals, uphold human rights, and foster transparent, sustainable change


Explore solutions that meet the needs and of its target beneficiaries and their families through direct service delivery or referrals to other providers.


Respect choices of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS by encouraging each person to take control over his/her own life. This helps them to shape their choices based on what is important to each beneficiary.

Rights-based approach

Be a champion that recognizes people’s rights in line with international human rights treaties and facilitate a platform for the population to realize and exercise their rights as enshrined in the 1948 United Nations Human Rights Declaration.

Social Accountability

An organization that is well-positioned to engage its beneficiaries to ensure that various development and health services reach the people in a manner that is transparent and hold duty bearers accountable for their actions.

Sustainable development

An organization that places itself in a central position to recognize the current and future development challenges in order to enable people to lead healthier lives by utilizing resources sustainably around them

Championing the Cause

Result-oriented and passionate to unleash the potential of young people!

Strategic Objectives

Discover how we actively engage with and support our community to empower individuals, uphold human rights, and foster transparent, sustainable change

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Strategic Objective 1

To catalyze youth-driven community engagement, monitor and document rights violations linked to gender-based violence and early marriages in vulnerable communities of Nayuchi and surrounding areas of Machinga district by 2026.

Strategic Objective 2

To empower adolescent and young women to attain quality basic education at primary and secondary school level in the achievement of social economic empowerment for the uplifted social status of women in Nayuchi by 2026.

Strategic Objective 3

To scale up access to sexual reproductive and family planning commodities for the reduction of unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortion, sexually transmitted infections, and adolescent births in Nayuchi by 2026.

Strategic Objective 4

To enhance responsive governance in the delivery of essential services for the community and better organizational corporate governance by 2026.

Strategic Objective 5

To enhance commercialization in food security, agriculture and value chain development for rural community livelihoods and nutritional status for poverty eradication by 2026.

Strategic Objective 6

To facilitate community engagement for climate adaptation, natural resources management and biodiversity protection by 2026.

Our Work

In the pursuit of a world free from child marriages and championing comprehensive sexual reproductive health, our local NGO stands at the forefront of transformative action. Our work is more than a mission; it's a commitment to empower the youth as architects of social change.

Our Stories

These are success stories spanning from a USAID funded project, Ending childing marriages

After yielding to peer pressure, Sellina sets her sight on the future

Dec. 15th

While many girls in her area have fallen into relationships and early marriages because of poverty in their homes,

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Teachers in Machinga rally girl children out of early marriages

Jan. 4th

Ackim Mtayamanja was sitting in a dimly lit office, crammed with books and other school materials. On his desk was a sheet

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Call for support to YRSC’s work of bringing girls back in class

Sep. 15th 21

A stone-throw away from Mpiranjala CDSS is Zainab Alfred’s home. Zainab is 17. She is in Form 2 at the school. She is the firts born

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