Our mission

We look forward to implementing our learning and using our community knowledge

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Our team

The YRSC is composed of 12 projects teams and 7 board members across the Eastern region of

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Help & support

We use scorecards, stakeholder reports, and annual reports as a tool to gather feedback and guide our program decisions.

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our programs

Community SRHR with Women and Young People project with support from Southern Africa AIDS Trust (SAT).

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Gender and Social Inclusion

We are humans

Integration of GBV into SRHR

Programing Bears Fruits


Youth Response is demonstrating that effective and inclusive engagement of governance structures and key stakeholders can enhance community SRHR with women young people and adolescents..


Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health all have SRH&R packages however it is incumbent upon every intervention designer to specifically contextualize the content to suit and meet the target community.


Community leaders are not just custodians of culture but have the potential to be key change agents in SRHR programming when oriented in the harm that cultural practices have on the development.


YRSC has made an effort to be inclusive and youths with disabilities are involved in voluntary management of village level clubs. Ndege is 28 years and comes from Likhonyowa.